General Information


We advise you not to send your child to nursery in clothes which are new, expensive or difficult to clean. In order to take full advantage of the nursery curriculum, we want children to take part in all activities on offer, which includes messy activities such as painting, gluing and clay. When aprons are required, we tell children that they need to wear them, however accidents will still happen!

Your child will need to wear clothes which she/he can learn to undo him/herself to use the toilet. Please write your childs name in all her/his clothes (especially coats, hats and scarves).

Spare clothes: we have a small stock of spare clothes to change children into if neccessary. Please wash and return them. Shoes; Please send your child with a pair of indoor slippers/shoes and a pair of outdoor shoes. For health and safety reasons all outdoor shoes must be removed in the entrance hall. Open-toe sandals and slip-on shoes are dangerous for climbing and running.

Jewellery: children may wear small sleepers or studs if they have pierced ears. The wearing of rings, chains, bracelets and larger necklaces could result in serious injuries.


Please ensure that your baby has a supply of nappies; these are kept in their cupboard space. They will also need their own nappy cream and spare clothes (clearly labeled). Their daily supply of their own baby formula should be supplied already made up into clearly labeled bottles. These should be handed over to their key worker to be put straight into the baby milk fridge. Please feel free to discuss all their needs and habits with the baby room leader. It is our aim to follow the established patterns and parents wishes as closely as possible.


We do not give medication to children. If they are ill they should be kept at home until they are well enough to come back. The exception to this is if they have a medical condition that requires regular medication, e.g. asthma or eczema. In these circumstances we will require specific written information. The childs prescribed medication must be left in an appropriate container clearly labeled and handed to the childs key worker who will sign in and store it in the medication box. When the medication is administered the key worker will make a written note of the time and dose on the childs record sheet.

Sweets and Toys

Please do not give your child sweets, crisps or chewing gum to bring to the nursery, what may seem like a harmless treat for your child may be very dangerous to another.

Often toys brought to nursery can get misplaced. Other children think they have "found" them or been "given" them, or think they should be "shared" like everything else. For these reasons toys brought into the nursery are always put away until it is time to go home. If your child has a special toy or comforter, please ensure that you talk to the key worker who can then ensure that it is looked after and available when it is needed (e.g. at sleep time or if they are upset).


Milk is available for all children. Snack time is an important part of our daily routine during which many social and language skills are developed. At this time we also have fruit or a healthy snack.


We have a healthy eating policy and all meals are prepared in our own kitchen. Our menus follow a 4 weekly rolling rota and cater for a varied and balanced diet consisting of fresh and organic ingredients where possible.

If any child has an allergy that we have been informed about we can cater for them. We believe in providing our children with the best possible start.

Best care, best experience, best education, best nutrition.


All our nursery practioners work as a team, each having responsibilities in different areas but also having adapatability and flexibility to work anywhere in the nursery. We may also have students and secondary school students working with us from time to time, please help us make them feel as welcome as possible. Students are supervised at all times.

Key Workers

We have a key worker system, every child is given a specific member of staff to oversee their wellbeing. They will get to know you and your child very well, they will be personally responsible for ensuring that your wishes and needs are met. Please feel free to talk to your child's key worker, so that we can work in partnership to make these vital years happy and carefree.

Settling In

We have a settling-in procedure to help children settle, even if they are already used to being away from you. During the first few weeks, parents/carers will stay with the child for sufficient time so that the child feels settled and the parent/carer feels comfortable about leaving her/him. For the first few sessions, parents/carers may collect the child early if they so wish. All children respond differently, and we respect their individuality.

Security and Attendance

For security we keep the outside door and garden gates locked. Please ring the bell on the nursery entrance, and speak into the intercom to identify yourself to the staff. If you get no immediate reply please be patient, we will let you in as soon as an adult is available. Please be punctual about bringing and collecting your child - it can cause great distress to him/her if you are late and our numbers and staff ratios are finely balanced. It is much easier for children if the routine is established early. Once your child has settled, if for some reason they are unable to come, please send a message or phone the nursery on the first day of absence. We take attendance very seriously at Little Shrimps, you'll be charged for the sessions that you have agreed to. If your needs change, please discuss them with us and we will do our utmost to accommodate you.


All our policies and procedures are available for parents to read and you will be encouraged to read them when your child is admitted.